About Us

What is Sturdy Girl?

We call ourselves Sturdy Girl because we’re just that: sturdy, adventurous ladies who aren’t afraid of a little work or a lot of fun.  We believe in products that complement our lifestyle: we can do it all–we do do it all–and we expect our products to do it all too.  That’s why our all-purpose cream is soothing, moisturizing, natural, and delicious smelling.  It’s good for bug bites, good for sunburns and dry skin, good for your leather boots whether you’re going dancing or hunting, good for a quick hair fix, and good for you.

Sturdy Girl is for everyone–men, women, old people, and children, but the people who love it the most are people who work hard and play hard.

Our All-Purpose Cream is made in small batches in our kitchen in Helena, Montana.

Why ‘Adventure Ready’?

“Adventure Ready” is how we live our lives: spontaneous, capable, and up for anything.  And like your favorite black cotton dress, you can wear our All Purpose Cream anywhere, and it’s the first thing you pack when someone says “want to…?” Because when an adventure presents itself, we say yes.

How All-Purpose do you mean?

Our cream has so many uses, we wrote a poem about it.

Where does your Sturdy Girl go?

On hands & Feet,
on Elbows & Knees,
On rashes, scratches, sunburns & bug bites.
On your baby’s bottom
& your honey’s back
On your dog’s paws, your cat’s ears, & your crow’s feet
(just kidding about the cat)
On callouses and cuticles,
dry heels and chapped cheeks,
On your hunting boots & your dancing shoes
In your hair and
on that one wild eyebrow
on your baseball mitt and your sliding burns
on peeling, flaking, dry skin
on wind chapped earlobes and fresh-shaved shins
in your purse & your car
on your nightstand & next to the kitchen sink
To Manhattan, to Mexico,
to the top of the mountain
& the end of the road.