About Us

Making All Purpose Cream since 1990

Our founder, Ann, was working in a plant pathology lab in the early 90’s. The constant hand washing dried her skin to the point of cracking and bleeding, and nothing helped.

So, in true Sturdy Girl fashion, she decided to do some research and figure out how to make her own lotion. She came up with the All Purpose Cream formula – a rich blend of beeswax, safflower oil, herbs, and other healing goodies. It worked so well that friends and family started requesting that she make more.


We're Sturdy Girls

We call ourselves Sturdy Girl because we’re just that: sturdy, adventurous ladies who aren’t afraid of a little work or a lot of fun.  We believe in products that complement our lifestyle: we can do it all–we do do it all–and we expect our products to do it all too.  That’s why our all-purpose cream is soothing, moisturizing, natural, and delicious smelling.  It’s good for bug bites, good for sunburns and dry skin, good for your leather boots whether you’re going dancing or hunting, good for a quick hair fix, and good for you.

Sturdy Girl is for everyone–men, women, old people, and children, but the people who love it the most are people who work hard and play hard.

We wrote you a poem.

When we say All Purpose, it’s hard to explain exactly what we mean. We’ve found that it just sounds better in verse. So, if you’re wondering what to do with your Sturdy Girl cream, here’s a few ideas:

Where does your Sturdy Girl go?

On hands & feet, elbows & knees,
On rashes, scratches, sunburns & bug bites.

On your baby’s bottom & your honey’s back

On your dog’s paws, your cat’s ears, & your crow’s feet
(just kidding about the cat)

On callouses and cuticles, dry heels and chapped cheeks,

On your hunting boots and your dancing shoes
In your hair and
on that one wild eyebrow

On your baseball mitt and your sliding burns

On peeling, flaking, dry skin
On wind chapped earlobes and fresh-shaved shins

In your purse and in your car
On your nightstand and next to the kitchen sink

To Manhattan, to Mexico,
To the top of the mountain and the end of the road.

Why Choose Sturdy Girl

We know there are a lot of skin care products out there, and sometimes the choices are overwhelming. Sometimes the labels are misleading. Some things that are “all natural” aren’t actually healing. Some things that have natural looking labels are full of chemicals. And do you need a separate product for your feet?

At Sturdy Girl, we like to make things simple and straight forward. The only things we put in our cream are things that are good for you, period. We’re not fussy about the way our product looks, because we think it’s what’s inside that counts. And we’re pretty sure foot skin is the same as hand skin.

We make one product. And it works.


We're a mother / daughter company

When you buy Sturdy Girl products, you support Sturdy Girls, and our families.

Handmade in small batches

Every jar of Sturdy Girl is poured right in our own kitchen, with all the love and care we can fit in.

Montana ingredients

We support Montana farmers by purchasing our ingredients as locally as possible. Both our beeswax and our organic safflower oil come from small operations in Montana.

The Sturdy Girls

Ann Schwend

Kate Arpin

Hallie Schwend