Who We Are

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The leader of the Sturdy Girls.  Annie developed our All-Purpose Cream way back when she was a scientist in the Plant Pathology Lab at Montana State University.  She washed her hands in alcohol constantly, and nothing could stop her skin from cracking. So she fixed it herself.[/fourcol_three_last][fourcol_one]_Arpin Wedding September 2013-0869_2[/fourcol_one][fourcol_three_last]


Annie’s oldest daughter.  A sharpshooting English major with an eye for detail and an appetite for DIY, Kate designs all the labels, displays, and the website.[/fourcol_three_last][fourcol_one]_Arpin Wedding September 2013-0869_2[/fourcol_one][fourcol_three_last]


The youngest Sturdy Girl, Hallie is the homebase.  She ships all the orders, and helps with the pouring and labeling.[/fourcol_three_last]