…and why we’re hoping for six more weeks of winter.

2014-02-02 12.03.53

Mom and I got out for a wonderful ski yesterday, from the top of the Virginia City Hill to Oxalotle Lakes, in celebration of Mom’s favorite holiday.

2014-02-02 12.03.33

Groundhog’s day is invariably wonderful in Montana, because if it’s snowing like the blazes and colder than the Arctic, at least you know the end of winter is somewhere in sight.  It’s like the Wednesday of a long week: its end means Friday is coming.



2014-02-01 13.43.32

And if February 2nd happens to look like this…well who wouldn’t want six more weeks of winter?

Definitely, we’re looking forward to a little more of this action.

2014-02-02 12.05.12

And so’s Cody, our ski companion.

2014-02-02 12.05.18

Looking East to the Rubies.

2014-02-02 12.05.27 2014-02-02 12.05.34 2014-02-02 12.30.17


And West, to the Madisons.  A little slice of heaven.