Our friend Jane Waldie just sent me a few photos she took while helping us staff the booth at Red Ants Pants.  I love the ones of our new friend Ari and his girlfriend, who gave each other foot baths and confessed it was “pretty romantic.”

Ari’s girlfriend said “he’s kind of a project. Could I wash his feet?” photo credit: Jane Waldie.

He was happy to return the favor! (We suggest trying this at home.) photo credit: Jane Waldie.

Yoga teacher Heidi Fledderjohn was ecstatic to have freshly clean feet. photo credit: Jane Waldie.

We’d also like to call attention to a “new” product to our website…the ever popular LIP LUBE.  Which, of course, we’ve been making but not selling  for years.  The original jars featured hand-painted Kate labels with…smiley faces.  Maybe I’ll hunt down an old survivor and show you my handiwork as a three-year-old. 🙂