Handmade Soap and Sturdy Girl gift bags!

NOTE 7-6-2015: Handmade soap is no longer available for sale. Thanks for your interest!

I just added two new products to our website:

We now have our classic rough-cut handmade soap in lots of wonderful but not overwhelming scents.  (Little known fact: we use recycled cardboard mailing tubes from Winston & Sweetgrass Rods as molds for our soap.  They have tons of the tubes in their recycle bins from people mailing fishing rods back and forth.  We think they’re great for our soap, plus it’s an awesome Twin Bridges-style recycling project.)

And, just in time for the holidays (because we hear they’re coming), we’re offering Sturdy Girl gift bags!  They include a soap, a travel size all purpose cream, and a lip lube, in these really pretty and handy little organza gift bags.  We re-use the gift bags as jewelry bags when we travel, or as gift bags again, or coin bags for our cars (because you never know when you might need a quarter).

Order one for every Sturdy Girl on your list!