Sturdy Girl products are designed with the idea that people who spend lots of time outside have skin that needs extra attention.  Our philosophy is that you can be tough and outdoorsy and still have soft skin.  That’s why our products are all natural and are composed of ingredients specifically chosen to heal, nourish, and soften your skin.

What’s more is that our products are not just for women;  men’s skin needs love too.  We call it Sturdy Girl because it’s made by a family of sturdy, can-do women, but often our biggest and most enthusiastic supporters are men.  We like to say that only the manliest men use Sturdy Girl.

We focus on all natural ingredients because our first priority is the health of your skin, and we feel that chemicals are not want we want to be putting on ours.  Although many of our ingredients are organic, our products as a whole are generally not, nor are our ingredients labeled as such because of the prohibitive cost.

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