We can’t say Sturdy Girl will cure your eczema, but we can say that it has helped a lot of people.  We recently received this testimony:

“Hi. I recently got Sturdy Girl all-purpose cream as gift, and although
I have only used it twice so far, THIS STUFF WORKS!
I have hereditary eczema, and this stuff is working miracles on it. 2
hours after I put it on for the second time today, my problem areas
are still pretty soft (my eczema presents as callousy spots around
where my fingers join my hand). I also have cracks on my hands because
of the eczema, and it didn’t burn when I put the cream on. That is a
huge plus for me!
I have the hardest time finding a good-smelly lotion/cream that will
not burn like fire if I put it on the cracks in my hands. Thank you so
much for creating this wonderful product!”