Dayna Leavens

I recommend this product over Aquaphor, Eucerin and Cetaphil and prescription products because it stays on the skin keeping the skin protected from exposure to the elements such as water harsh soaps and the triggers in the air that can trigger eczema flares, and as a...


My mother is 86 and cannot keep anything on her lips. After some prodding, she tried my Sturdy-Girl Lip Balm in citrus and found that it lubricated and did not just peal off, as other products do on her lips. So, I am sending her a gift bag for Christmas. She lives in...


I am so delighted to have “found” you, just as I am running low on my treasured sturdy-girl gifts from my dear friend. Briefly, your cream has given me immense relief from my psoriatic arthritis.


I bought 2 8oz tubs of all purpose cream at Red Ants Pants ‘n luv it…we have cattle, horses and a lot of cold weather…this stuff works!